Get the most from your home.

Whether you’ve outgrown your home or it just needs a facelift, McKenzie Construction can help. We’ll add a new bedroom, family room or bathroom, renovate your kitchen or create a patio area perfect for outdoor cooking and entertaining. We’ll even build you a new home from the ground up.

We’ll start with your floor plan or work with one of our partner architects to develop one with you. We’ll bring in top subcontractors to match the needs of the job, and we’ll make sure construction is completed in the least intrusive, most secure way possible.

We make the most of your investment.

Using our basement-to-roof experience, we’ll carefully blend our work with your existing design to increase value of your home beyond the cost of renovation.

In short, we help you get the most from your existing property to keep you in the home you love for years to come.

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